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Our enthusiastic faculty delivers courses in several disciplines, and at various levels, in order to meet the needs of all our students and their varied interests.  Topics include biotechnology, environmental science, chemistry, nanotechnology, physics, forensics, and anatomy and physiology.  Featuring newly renovated state-of-the-art lab facilities and equipment, students develop real-world laboratory skills necessary to participate in the 21st century workforce.    Students explore these fields through exercises that include labs on bacterial transformation, ecological river study, DNA fingerprinting, dissections, electroplating, and roller coaster physics.  McCann Technical School’s Science graduation standards exceed Massachusetts DESE requirements ensuring that students are thoroughly prepared to either enter the workforce or go on to further education.

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Course Offerings
  • Freshmen
    • CP Environmental Science
  • Sophomore
    • CP Biology
    • Honors Biology
  • Junior
    • Introduction to Chemistry
    • CP Chemistry
    • Honors Chemistry
  • Senior
    • CP Physics
    • Honors Physics
    • CP Anatomy & Physiology
    • CP Forensic Science
    • Life Science
    • AP Biology
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