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Lisa Collins
  • Days and times I’m available for extra help: Most mornings BEFORE school in D117, Most Tuesdays AFTER school in D117 or the Library (stop by or make an appointment)

*Please remember that you can take a make-up or “retake” a test and get extra help any Tuesday or Thursday after school in the Library from 3-4pm. Be sure to see me before school if you’re planning to take a test so that I can leave it with the appropriate teacher.


Environmental Science (9th Grade) Updates:


Ecosystems Project Website:

9th Grade Science Syllabus

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Team-Taught Chem (11th Grade w/ Mr. Rich Lincourt) Updates:

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CP Chem (11th Grade) Updates:

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Honors Chem (11th Grade) Updates:

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  • My Contact Information:  You can reach me via email at . I typically check my email multiple times throughout the day and evening during the school week (and on the weekends as well as over vacations).  You can also reach me via school voicemail by calling (413)663-5383, x164.  Please note that only allows for one-way communication (from me to your device), so if you’d like to contact me, that is not possible with
Courses I Teach:
  • 9th Grade – Environmental Science
  • 11th Grade – Chemistry, CP Chemistry & Honors Chemistry
About Me:

I love science!  Chemistry is my specialty, but I am also very interested in other branches of science as well.  Since science is an ever-changing discipline, I try to keep up with the latest news by taking courses, creating new lessons for my own high school students, sharing the excitement of simple experiments with elementary school children, and developing a science curriculum for rural schools in a mountainous region of Haiti.  As part of my ongoing pedagogical education, I have had the good fortune of working with the international organization Teachers Without Borders, which has given me the opportunity to collaborate with educators and science professionals from around the globe.  In September of 2011, I was recognized as one of TWB’s “featured members” ( ).

For Biology / Environmental Science, check out:
Photosynthesis Webquest and Letter Project Resources:
For Chemistry resources, check out:
Free Online Databases:







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