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Welcome to the Special Education department! We are dedicated to helping every student at McCann achieve their full potential. Through the special education process, we assist eligible students in meeting academic and career goals that will prepare them for the transition to college and/or the world of work. Our goal is to help students who are served through IEPs or 504 Plans to learn the skills and strategies they need, and to ensure they receive the classroom accommodations and modifications that enable them to meet the standards outlined in the Mssachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. We also strive to help students become effective self-advocates.

Our faculty consists of a Director of Student Services, four special education teachers, and classroom assistants. Additionally, we have a team of consultants/service providers who work with us to provide counseling, physical therapy, speech therapy or other specialized services as needed. We offer a full range of special education services that include the following:

  • co-teaching and consultation with regular education teachers (including technical/vocational instructors)
  • resource room classes for Literature/Writing, Math, and Academic Support, as determined through a students IEP or 504 Plan
  • academic supports in regular education classes for students that need assistance accessing the regular education curriculum

We have a small but active group of parents/guardians who are members of our Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Throughout the year, they may host a guest speaker or panel discussion, sponor workshops on topics such as technology, transitioning to college, or accessing adult services, and meet to provide feedback and suggestions about their children’s services. We invite you to become part of that group!

Information that may be of interest to parents/guardians, students, and faculty:

Learning Disability Information for Parents
Parents Notice of Procedural Safeguards for Special Education

McCann Technical School will be requesting a waiver from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that will allow us to use Title I funding for school-wide programs rather than solely for targeted assistance. Students with significant problems in reading would continue to receive the programs and supports necessary, but we will also be able to utilize funding to help all students attain literacy skills that will help them move towards proficient or advanced on MCAS testing and attain strong college readiness skills. If you have comments or questions about the anticipated change in our Title I status, we encourage you to contact Mary Lou Accetta, Director of Student Services, at