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Title I

Welcome to Title I Reading!

What is Title I?

Title I is an educational program that has been funded by the federal government since the 1960’s. McCann is fortunate to be one of the few high schools in Massachusetts that has obtained a Title I grant! Both short and long-term research studies, and our own experience at McCann, indicate that participation in Title I  has a positive impact on student success.  Students receive individual or small group instruction using scientifically based methods of teaching.

Who is eligible to receive extra help through Title I?

Title I at McCann is a school wide program, and any student is eligible to receive supplemental services in English Language Arts.  If you think your child may need this extra help, please contact Mary Lou Accetta, and we will screen him/her for eligibility. If the school makes a recommendation, parents/guardians are contacted and fully included in the process of whether their child will receive this service.

When would the student receive extra help?

By law, Title I programs must “supplement, not supplant,” existing services. This means that students in the program are entitled to “extra” instruction, without missing the regular academic curriculum that is offered to all students.  In order for that to happen at McCann, students receive Title I assistance during their shop time. Initially, some students are reluctant to leave shop for a period a couple of times a week, but most end up feeling that the extra help is well worth it and makes a real difference in their academic success – including shop theory!

McCann Technical School is committed to providing quality instruction to every one of our students. Title I supplementary support services can be an important part of your child’s school success. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mary Lou Accetta
Director of Student Services

Parents Right to Know – NCLB

McCann Technical School will be requesting a waiver from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that will allow us to use Title I funding for school-wide programs rather than solely for targeted assistance. Students with significant problems in reading would continue to receive the programs and supports necessary, but we will also be able to utilize funding to help all students attain literacy skills that will help them move towards proficient or advanced on MCAS testing and attain strong college readiness skills. If you have comments or questions about the anticipated change in our Title I status, we encourage you to contact Mary Lou Accetta, Director of Student Services, at