McCann Technical School offers 9 vocational programs for high school students and 5 vocational programs for postsecondary (after high school) students.  

High School

Attendance as a high school student at McCann begins in grade 9 and runs through high school graduation (grade 12).  Students attending McCann will fulfill the same academic requirements as any other high school in Massachusetts but will also complete 4 years of vocational training in one of our 9 high school vocational programs.  Students in the high school programs spend alternating weeks in vocational or academic programming.  To apply for admission to McCann Technical School as a high school student click here.


Attendance as a postsecondary student at McCann is for students who have already received their high school diploma (or equivalent).  The five postsecondary programs at McCann run for one year beginning in September and ending in June*.  Students in the postsecondary programs spend the entire year studying the career field they selected in the application process.  Students graduate with a certificate in their respective career field.  To apply for admission to McCann Technical School as a postsecondary student click here. 

* Practical Nursing program runs January to November