All call transcripts


Good evening,
    This is Justin Kratz, principal of McCann Technical School.  I apologize for the length of this message.  I hope our students and their families are all doing well during this difficult time.   There are two reasons for my call tonight.   The first is to notify you that we are currently working on the development of remote learning opportunities for our students.  We are hoping to be able to provide structure, content, and some degree of social interaction for our students during these long days.  To help with that we are requesting your assistance in completing a technology survey so that we can get a better idea of what technology our students have available to them so that we can better determine how we may interact, and assist, them.  Our school counselors will be emailing a link to this survey which can also be found on our website and in the email version of this all-call if you receive email versions.  Please complete this survey as soon as possible.  Our guidance counselors will follow up with families who we don't have information from so your assistance in utilizing their time most efficiently through promptly completing this survey if possible is greatly appreciated.  This is a critical first-step in getting remote learning up and running for our students.   The second reason for this call is to remind you to periodically check-in with our homepage.  There is information and resources there to help families during this time.  Of critical importance is guidance and information regarding local public leaders' call for following the stay-at-home order issued by the governor.  We hope all of our students and families are taking their role in curbing the spread of Covid-19 seriously and details about how students and families should go about doing that are also on our homepage.  Please stay tuned for more information in the next couple of days regarding an organized remote learning program.   I know our faculty are looking forward to reconnecting with our students, if only remotely at this time.  We hope to be able to provide our students with structure to their day, social interactions, and enrichment learning opportunities during this time.  A transcript of this call will also be available on the website.   Thank you and be well.