Interested in attending McCann?

McCann Technical School offers two educations in one.  Students receive training in a technical area as well as traditional academic instruction that matches the requirements and rigor of non-vocational high schools.  State-wide vocational students traditionally outperform students from non-vocational schools in state-wide standardized testing.  McCann students also graduate with the benefit of being trained for a high-demand, rewarding career after high school in a specialized technical area.  Being prepared to enter well-paying positions in the workforce is a huge advantage for high school graduates as the need for qualified employees in many high-skill trade areas is in increasing demand.  In addition to reviewing our website to learn more about our school we offer a number of other ways to learn more about McCann that are featured on this page.   


Please contact any of the following people if you need more information about McCann and what we have to offer:

Justin Kratz- Principal

663-5383 ext. 104


Chad O'Neill- School Counselor

663-5383 ext. 113


Sara Avery- School Counselor

663-5383 ext. 114


Katie Atutis- School Counselor

663-5383 ext. 112

Opportunities to Visit

Unfortunately due to Covid, we are unable to have students visit McCann in our traditional manners.  Typically we run an open house event in the fall and an after-school program in early winter.  This year we will be hosting a virtual open house event on February 24th, 2021 in the evening.  Please keep your eye out for information on this event as details will be posted on our website as they become available.  If you have any questions about admissions please contact any of the people listed in the column to the left.  




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