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Project Lead the Way

PLTW is the nation’s leading science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) solution in over 8,000 schools across the U.S. The Project Lead The Way curriculum gives students a chance to apply what they know, identify a problem, find unique solutions, and lead their own learning. Whether a student is curious to understand more about engineering, has decided to pursue it as a career, or simply wants to learn to think critically, work collaboratively, and explore how mathematics and science work in everyday life, the PLTW Engineering program provides a track for success.

PLTW Engineering empowers students to step into the role of an engineer, adopt a problem-solving mindset, and make the leap from dreamers to doers. The program’s courses engage students in compelling, real-world challenges that help them become better collaborators and thinkers. Students take from the courses in-demand knowledge and skills they will use in high school and for the rest of their lives, on any career path they take.

Students engage in the engineering design process and develop vital skills including teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. Students use the same industry-leading technology and software as the world’s top companies. The exciting and challenging fields of engineering come alive in the PLTW program which is designed to prepare students for careers or postsecondary study of STEM fields, as well as provide the opportunity to gain college credit while in high school. McCann students enrolled in PLTW take college-level classes; Introduction to Engineering Design in grade 10, Principles of Engineering in grade 11, and AP Computer Science Principles in either grade 11 or grade 12.

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