Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way is a national pre-engineering program designed to prepare students to excel in high-tech fields.  Currently in use in over 11,500 schools across the United States, Project Lead the Way centers on bringing pre-engineering curricula and concepts to students through practical hands-on experiences.  The four year sequence of courses, which are taken in addition to traditional math and science courses, introduces students to the scope, rigor, and discipline of college.  The Project Lead the Way program culminates with an authentic product-development project where students undertake the entire product-development cycle and defend their project to a panel of outside professionals who work in the engineering field.  Project Lead the Way students have the opportunity to earn as many as twelve college credits.

Secondary school students from any PLTW-certified school may apply for RIT college credit for two of the PLTW courses offered at McCann (IED, POE), and may receive Advanced Placement (AP) credit for the Computer Science Principles (CSP) course.

For the IED and POE courses,  RIT requires that students receive at least a 6 stanine score on the year-end exam (6 = C; 7 = B; 8 and 9 = A) and maintain a class grade of 85%.  The RIT grade is based solely on the year-end exam stanine score.



Department Faculty

Perry Burdick

Scott Botto

John Euchler

Erin Mucci

Jess Tatro