High School Admissions

An admission process is necessary in vocational technical schools where space is a limiting factor. Vocational technical laboratories (shops) are designed and equipped to serve a specific maximum number of students safely. Consequently, a complex of such laboratories lacks both the space and flexibility to accommodate the possible needs and/or interests of all applicants. Therefore, a selection process is necessary to determine which applicants may most benefit from such educational opportunities. 

High School Admissions Policy

admissions Timeline

December 1st

Application window opens

March 1st

Round 1 application deadline

March 15th

Round 1 notifications made to all applicants

June 1st

Round 2 application deadline

June 15th

Round 2 notifications made to all applicants

July 15th

Round 3 application deadline

August 1st

Round 3 notifications made to all applicants

August 2nd - End of Tier 1 Exploratory

Vacancies filled through waitlist as/if available

Start of Tier 2 Exploratory - End of Tier 2 Exploratory

Waitlist freeze for equity to students in attendance and their chances for placement

Date of Grade 9 permanent shop placement commencing to end of Q2

Vacancies filled through waitlist as/if available

Start of Q3

Reset of admissions cycle, all students on waitlist may start admissions process over for start of the next school year

Getting Started

  • Students and parents complete the first two pages of our application
  • Submit the entire application to the student’s current guidance counselor
  • Your current guidance counselor will submit the completed application along with your current transcript to our admissions coordinator.
  • Applications will be reviewed and scored according to the criteria listed in our complete admissions policy
  • Students will be either accepted, declined or put on a waiting list and will be notified in the spring.
  • Applications received after the deadline may not be accepted. If accepted, they will be evaluated using the same criteria as other applications and their composite score will be computed. They will be placed in rank order on a waiting list with other late applications.
  • Click below to download our application.

High School Application


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