Scholarship Information

Welcome to the McCann scholarship information page!

Who can apply?

Scholarships that are listed on the scholarship web tool are available to graduating McCann seniors who will be continuing their education or entering the workforce.  The web tool scholarships are primarily local scholarships.  Please know that there are many more scholarships available that are not necessarily local.  You can use the websites below to continue in your search.

When should I apply?

You should apply for your “packet” of scholarships using the web tool after January 1st.  This is the earliest that McCann knows what scholarships will be available.  Once you receive your packet of scholarships check each form for a due date and return all completed applications to the guidance office prior to that date!  Yes, that means we will mail out all of your completed applications!

What scholarships am I eligible for and how do I apply?

Please use the “Scholarship Web Tool” link below.  This tool provides criteria and other information for many local and state scholarships.  It is an easy process to select and submit  the scholarships that you are eligible for.  There are two links, Scholarships with Online Applications and Scholarships with Paper Applications.  The scholarships with online applications are for viewing purposes only.  These scholarships cannot be selected, but have a link to the scholarship’s web site where an online application can be completed.  The scholarships with paper applications should be reviewed  and then selected and submitted.  You will only select scholarships that you fit the criteria for.  The guidance office will inform you when your packet of applications is ready.

How much work will this be/is it worth it?

Scholarships provide money that does not need to be paid back.  Many of them require time and effort but it’s worth it.  Scholarship money can be used for many purposes:  tuition, books, and even gas money!  You will not win all scholarships you apply for, but you will never win if you don’t apply.

To access the McCann Tech Scholarship Web Tool click here 

To access the list of online scholarships click here 

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