School Counseling


The McCann School Counseling Department is here to provide a personalized experience for all of the students in our school.  Problem solving, academic counseling, personal counseling, school to career guidance, college guidance, and a multitude of referral services are available to you.  We are committed to helping you  follow the career pathway that is right for you, whether that means continuing your education or entering the world of work.  Over the course of four years each student will have the opportunity to work closely with their counselor in the development of a personalized career plan.

We encourage students to take advantage of resources at the school, such as our after-school Homework Center which meets Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Library Media Center, and individual teacher assistance. Your success is our goal!

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Don't forget to explore the possibility of having some of your college courses waived thanks to articulation agreements that have been set up for graduates of McCann Tech.  To view available articulation agreements click here.  


School Counselor Assignments

Katie Atutis 

Grade 9 P-Z

Grade 10


Sara Avery

Grade 9 A-F

Grade 12

Chad O’Neill

Grade 9 G-O

Grade 11