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Employment opportunities in the cosmetology field are expected to increase depending on the specialty and will be best for those licensed to provide a broad range of services according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Full service spas and nail salons will also generate numerous job openings as well as skin treatments for relaxation and medical well-being. 

Our cosmetology program is designed to introduce the student to the art, science and business aspects of the profession. The cosmetology curriculum provides instruction in manicuring, shampooing, permanent waving, facials, massages, scalp treatments, hair cutting and styling. Students receive valuable experience practicing their skills in the McCann salon. The one-year certificate program is accredited by the Board of Registration of Cosmetology and Barbering and follows the guidelines outlined by them. After meeting the hour and course requirements, the student will receive a Certificate of Cosmetology and is eligible to take the Massachusetts Cosmetology Examination for licensure. After passing the written and practical exam, a license to practice hairdressing for compensation is issued. This license requires the cosmetologist to work under the supervision of a hairdresser or aesthetician for two years.

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Kristi Mastroianni 

Program Coordinator
Phone: (413) 663-5383 ext. 184


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