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Remote Learning Plan Information Covid-19 Closure

Remote Learning Update 3/30/2020


Parents and Students,

      Below please find the details of McCann’s remote learning plan for the time we are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This plan will begin on April 1st. The plan contains a schedule for contact time between your child and their teachers by subject.  Remote learning is a plan for students both with internet access and those without. For those students with internet access there will be two platforms used for remote learning.  The first is the use of Zoom software and the second is Google Classroom, a software our students are familiar with to a great extent already. For those students without internet access participation can occur through the completion of other engagement activities at home as well as through phoning in to Zoom sessions via a landline or cellphone (no internet access required).  There has been recent guidance cautioning about mailing things home so we ask for your patience as we develop this part of our remote learning plan further. Please know that no student will be penalized in any way for a lack of access, access obtained at a later date, or any other logistical hurdles that may present themselves. As soon as we receive guidance on providing paper-based learning we will implement the next steps in our remote learning plan to further engage students without access to the internet.   We will work diligently to provide all of our students with structure, interaction, and engagement with content during this difficult time. We are still working through a particulars in regards to a lot of things involving your child’s education (i.e. grades for the year, graduation, MCAS, etc) but a lot of that is dependent on the forthcoming information we receive from the Department of Education. Please know that we will share with you all the details of that information when we have it. For now, our primary focus is on getting our remote learning plan up and functioning.  We do expect that the information we receive from DESE will indicate that the activities done during this period of remote learning will “count” in some degree or another so we do hope, and expect, that students will engage in this learning to the greatest extent they are able to given their individual circumstances. Please note that these activities and structured learning opportunities are under the category of enrichment and review in nature. We know that every household has a lot going on and families are currently tugged in many different directions so we are certainly mindful and understanding of that fact when we consider the extent to which students are able to participate.  The rigor and extent of the work developed also takes this into consideration. Generally speaking, students have 2 contact times scheduled 2 days a week and 3 contact times scheduled 3 days a week. The schedule for remote learning is below. There is now a tab on the top of our webpage titled “Remote Learning” which will take you to a page with resources meant to help navigating remote learning easier. These resources include documents considerations for students and educators to make during remote learning experiences and a how-to access Zoom for students guide. This is new territory for all of us. We ask for your patience and understanding with any bumps in the road and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me and I will try to respond in as timely a manner as possible.  Your child should expect to start receiving invites tomorrow, March 31st from their teacher for remote learning opportunities that will begin on April 1st according to the schedule below. Thank you.


-Justin Kratz


Schedule of Remote Learning activities during Covid-19 Closure



Students and Parents,

     I would like to provide you with an update on our plans to provide remote learning for our students.  First, thank you all for your quick response to our technology survey.  I’d like to start by saying, on behalf of the faculty and staff, that we miss our students terribly and that we cannot wait to come back to the Hive and resume “normal” education.  Nothing can replace the face-to-face, in-person teaching and learning that goes on every day in our school. As you may imagine, we have been spending a great deal of time this week trying to develop an effective remote-learning plan for all of our students.  We are closing in on the point where we are looking to start providing remote-learning opportunities beginning next Wednesday, April 1st. We know, and are mindful, of the fact that not all of our students have internet access so the term remote learning does not mean “on-line” learning for all of our students.   For a great majority of them it will, but for those who don’t have internet access we are working equally hard to provide structured remote learning for them as well.

     Our remote learning will incorporate three basic platforms. The first is the use of Zoom. Zoom meetings will provide contact time for our faculty with our students.  One of the nice features of Zoom is that students without internet access could still call in via a land line or cell phone and participate in the discussions. The second platform is Google Classrooms. A lot of our teachers use this platform already and it is one that a lot of students are familiar with as well. Lastly, for students with no internet access structured learning opportunities will be provided in hard-copy form teacher provided information relative to the hard-copy learning experiences (for those familiar with them please think of a “blizzard bag” type of scenario).  We are still working out the logistics of how hard-copy materials will be distributed but rest assured it will be extremely low, to no-impact, on families. We are working on creating a list of recommendations for students to consider while using these platforms so that we are respectful of all the considerations to be taken in switching to remote learning. That guidance will be forthcoming as well as a formal schedule for remote learning to help provide structure to the student's week.  

      Again, please note that we are hoping to begin this on Wednesday, April 1st.  Communication with students about the various Zoom or Google Classroom meetings will occur through their “” email accounts.  Please have your child make sure this account is up and running and if they need any help resetting their password for the account please email me directly.  The goals of the remote learning plan we are developing are to provide students with structure to their days, social interaction, and engagement with the content areas.  I’d also like to reiterate that these remote learning opportunities cannot replace the actual in-person learning that occurs in our school but are meant to help enrich student’s time at home during this closure.  Please stay tuned for more information prior to next Wednesday regarding the commencement of this remote learning schedule. Thank you and stay safe.

Justin Kratz


McCann Technical School