Student Activities-Coronavirus Closure

The school closure due to the coronavirus is a difficult circumstance for all involved.  As a service to our students and families we are attempting to provide activities for students to do in order to help them keep their minds engaged and in the "on" position.   While this work will not be graded and is NOT mandatory we highly recommend students taking advantage of these learning opportunities.  Being away from school, peers, friends etc will be challenging for many and keeping your mind sharp and active is important to maintaining good personal well-being during these difficult times.  We hope that you'll use the learning opportunities as a chance to keep "mentally fit."  Below you will find a chart that will be updated as work is developed.  Click on your teacher's name to follow it to a page containing their exercises.


Mrs. Rooney

Mr. King

(Use code xy4asjt) 

Mrs. Senecal Mrs. Hadley      Ms. Collins 

Mrs Green:


Env. Science

Mr. Carr


Mrs. Buck Mrs. Roper Mrs. Finnegan

Mr. Curley

Mr. Cariddi Mrs. Dougherty Ms. Reardon Mrs. Caproni
Mrs. Chilson

Mrs. Mucci:

AP Physics 1